AllMe Soaps for Hydrated and Clean Skin

The finest soaps made from completely natural ingredients of plant origin, in four fragrances, provide optimal care and hygiene. Thanks to excellent recipe and premium ingredients, these soaps protect the skin from drying out and keep its moisture, leaving it supple, smooth and soft.

Based on vegetable oils, rich in nutrients, vitamins, especially vitamin E, softens the skin and provides a natural pH value.

Special novelty in our market represents the original packaging in the multi-purpose metal boxes high quality and design, and so we’re sure you’ll be happy to buy them as gifts for themselves and others.

In the market have appeared recently Allme soaps for the face with special formulations for mature, or for mixed and greasy, as well as for sensitive skin.

Luxury facial soap for mature skin is made with apricot kernel oil because the apricot kernel oil is rich in natural vitamins (especially vitamins A and E, which are essential  for a healthy skin tone and natural elasticity of the skin) and essential  fatty acids. This oil is qualitatively different from many other natural oils primarily because it is perfectly absorbed and leaves no traces or feeling fat. In addition, it does not cause allergic reactions even on the most sensitive skin and can be used in products for babies. If you have a mature, dehydrated, impure skin or wrinkles, apricot kernel oil will retain moisture and gently cleanse your complexion.

Luxury facial soap for oily and mixed skin is made on the basis of oil of eucalyptus and hazelnut. Eucalyptus oil is a natural defense against bacteria and viruses and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Due to the high content piperitone is ideal for oily skin .Stimulates peripheral circulation, and the scent of eucalyptus has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and naturally stimulates the airways.

Natural hazelnut oil is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and the skin absorbs it quickly. It contains a high concentration of vitamins B and E, rich in antioxidants and plant phenols. The antioxidant effect of vitamin E helps skin regeneration and overcoming the effects of aging.

Hazelnut oil is particularly suitable for the care of problematic skin prone to acne because thanks to the high content of selenium and magnesium helps clean the pores and regulate sebum secretion preventing the formation of acne and subsequent infection.

Luxury facial soap for dry and sensitive skin has been made on the basis of sesame oil and wheat germ oil. Sesame oil is chosen because it is rich in vitamins B and E and therefore helps nourish the skin, and reduces the risk of problems, such as psoriasis and eczema. In addition, this oil hydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of enlarged pores. Wheat germ oil is a natural antioxidant and nourishes and regenerates the skin and is particularly useful in the regeneration of dry, sensitive and chapped skin.